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July 14, 2007  --  Due to the lack of TAPI support by Vista and XP for budget voice modems, The Personal Call Processor software will only be available for legacy support for a while longer. I thank those who encouraged me to work on it.

November 5, 2004  --  Beta 0.26k of The Personal Call Processor is now available to address some small Windows XP issues.

August 23, 2003  --  The Personal Call Processor FAQ has been updated with additional information on USR modems, as well as the Zoom 3025 modem.

Beta 0.26 of The Personal Call Processor is available for download, featuring a call simulator. Details at the bottom of the Downloads page.

October 15, 2001  --  Here's a very useful program for your PC: The Personal Call Processor. This little program can serve as your very own telephone call butler, announcing your phone calls, greeting callers, taking messages, and even bouncing those unwanted calls for you. It can use text-to-speech to announce callers or even greet them with synthesized speech. You can remotely retrieve your messages, or get them via email.

The Personal Call Processor supports features usually found on very expensive call management systems, such as the ability to run your own custom interactive voice response scripts. It comes with support software to record custom greetings and announcements, play back your messages, and send notification email to various people according to the caller's associated group. To see more, click The Personal Call Processor - Details link in the menu.

The program needs a PC running Windows 95/98/98SE/ME or Windows 2000/XP, with a TAPI-compliant modem, preferably a voice modem that supports Caller ID. For best results, you should also have Caller ID service on your telephone line.

Privacy Policy: Any personal information (name, email and other addresses, etc.) that you provide to Metacognix as a result of your communication with Metacognix will not be distributed to anyone else, nor will Metacognix itself "spam" you, without your prior explicit permission (AKA "opt-in").

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