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The ZRP Modifier Program

While many of the The Zone Reclamation Project's features can be configured with Notepad, the included Modifier program can be used to customize your game with ease.

Don't like head bobbing? Want to change the time limit on quests? Or perhaps you liked Snitch's chatter, and want to turn it back on (ZRP 1.05; it's on by default in 1.07). You can do that here.

Special Smart Mod Manager Note:

If using the SMM, you need to configure the ZRP before installing the archive via SMM. The Smart Mod Manager changes the spacing and removes comments when it merges mods with the vanilla files, and the Modifier is looking for exact matches in some cases. In other cases, SMM doesn't copy the original file to the STALKER installation directory because it is the same as vanilla (prior to configuration).

You can also manually copy files and/or edit the configuration files that report mismatches. In the future, configuration files that take this into account will be released.

How it looks out of the box

Some options in ZRP 1.05 Test R10

The Config Notes button will display help in your text editor for the specific configuration file selected in the drop-down combobox at the top left. The Help button brings up general help for the Modifier program.

You can Apply your changes, you can Revert to the original form (warning: might undo other file-related changes) and you can restore the Default ZRP settings for each individual entry.

Hover the cursor over a field or checkbox text to see a pop-up hint about the option.


Freedom and/or Duty mechanics can fix your stuff

ZRP 1.07 has many more entries than 1.05

You can have both checkboxes and fields for the same entry.

The Modifier program uses simple text files containing MS-DOS INI-compatible configuration data. ZRP 1.05 has four, while version 1.07 R5 has fourteen. Note the different configuration files in the dropdown combo box in the upper left of the example image.

You can easily make your own to help you tweak your custom settings. In fact, modders are encouraged to do so; the Modifier program can be freely distributed with mods based on the ZRP. For an example, see the InGameCC mod (adds captions to cutscenes, etc.) by Mr. Fusion and TSL16b.

Here are the configuration files with entry headings as of ZRP 1.07 R5. Except where noted, all tweaks and configuration options were authored by NatVac.


Actor.cfg: ArtifactSwap.cfg: Experimental.cfg: Experimental_AI.cfg: FirstPersonShooter.cfg: Freedom Vs. Duty.cfg: MonoMartyr.cfg: QuestOverhaul_2.cfg: RespawnerControl.cfg: SoundManagement.cfg: SupportUtilities.cfg: Tweaks.cfg: Vanilla.cfg:

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